Hon. Peter C. Cua
Delivered on: JUNE 30, 2013

As we came together to this significant gathering, we start another new step in that never-ending journey in Local Governance.Mayor Peter Cua – San Andres, Catanduanes Let me thank you for this big opportunity. I will forever be grateful for your trust. Above all, I thank God for this day. I thank Him for all that have been and for everything that will be in the days ahead.

As I took my oath of office earlier, I could hardly believe to take an oath of office as Mayor of our Municipality. It had never been a part of my dream to get into the political arena. All I prayed for then, was a peaceful, private, simple and happy life with my family.

When I entertained the suggestions of having me into politics, almost everyone in the family did not favor the idea. Politics would mean a totally different world from where I am this 47 yrs. of my life. My children tacked to me personally and wrote long letters, using their best convincing powers of keeping me out of the game. My parents and sisters had the same feeling. My wife most especially, talked to me on countless occasions, sighting a number of reasons, why NO to politics. For them, politics would eventually mean taking much of my time from family bonding and bulk of work in our growing business. But my mind then, was starting to focus on working with my brother

Gov. Boboy Cua, on his plans for more improvements for San Andres. Other than this, I believe that as a successful businessman, it’s about time to share our extra blessings from God, with the people of San Andres. I believe, that we have that social obligation to give back whatever is there that we can share with people who continue to pa
tronize our business. These are the things that set me the Green Light, the Go signal for Mayor in the May 2013 elections.

I believe in DESTINY. I believe in the lines, “WHAT IS TO HAPPEN WILL HAPPEN”. And this is among the reasons that brought me here today.

This day starts my duties and responsibilities as your Local Chief Executive. There’s a lot more of challenges ahead. Previous Administrators have done their best efforts in the making of San Andres. I sincerely thank them for these. Together we will continue treading the path towards progress and prosperity.

We are expected to serve through good governance. This is a mandate from our people, a trust we treasure. We must not fail them.

We had a number of plans, But with the turn of events however, with Gov. Boboy Cua not making it to his third term in the last elections, I must honestly confess, I had that feeling of disappointment days after the election result. Losing a strong partner would cause changes in previous plans. Nevertheless, optimistic as I have always been, I took

things at a lighter note and brighter perspective. I think the newly elected officials will be supportive. On the other hand,
I count on the cooperation of the people of San Andres. Fellow Calolbonganons, you are my strong partners in this struggle towards attaining our goals and visions. We will start the job together.

It won’t be that easy at all times. But in the challenging episodes of our journey, I will find strength in our people who have vested their trust and confidence on my future leadership. We will positively face trials that dynamic leadership demands. This is a responsibility, a mandate, and we will never run away from it.

As we start a new page in the history of local governance of this municipality, I encourage every employee, regular and casuals alike, to put themselves seriously into their work, duties and respective responsibilities. Have the proper work attitude. Commitment, dedication, hard work and efficiency are vital elements that bring excellence and make a difference. As public servants and government employees, we must take the frontline, set examples and be role models of an honest and true public service. This is what service demands and this we must do.

Matters of public concern must be addressed to. We will see to it that fast and efficient service are delivered with courtesy to our people, rich or poor, most especially to those from far flung barangays, by every department and its staff. Actions on matters needing immediate solutions must not be delayed. Actions delayed are detriments and blocks to a achievements of our goals. This should not happen.

There’s a lot to be done in the next three years. My administration will give priority to programs most vital in community building. We will set focus on, “EDUCATION, HEALTH and SANITATION, ECONOMY and LIVELIHOOD PRIOGRAMS, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and INFRASTRUCTURE”.

I believe in the powers that Education brings. Education builds nations. We will put greater support and emphasis on educational programs. We will continue building tomorrow today for our future leaders.

Health and sanitation are equally important. Progressive communities are products of a healthy populace. Our Health Department then must lay out workable plans of action that will improve our people’s health condition. This we will work together.

Economic crisis is all over, thus livelihood programs is a must. We will have projects that will bring added income especially for our low earning families.

The changing society calls for care for environment. Scientific advancements have brought about some adverse effects on people’s lives. We will keep green environment to protect our rich forest and marine products. Save Mother Earth, and Save Lives.

Funds for infrastructure will be a problem and may not be sufficient. But we will find means for needed projects. We will try to make things happen along this program.

As we move on with our plans, we will welcome sound suggestions and ideas. Share with us your best thinking for progress and improvement. The task of community building is not a one man role. It is a shared responsibility of leader and their constituents.

Almost everywhere, there is that call and serious demands for progress. We must not waste time. Time flies so fast and three years may not be enough to carry out plans. We got to act and move fast with efficiency. Time is gold, so let’s start now.

After the May election, let’s close that page of political rivalry. Rather, let’s open a bright door for our work as public servant. There had been not so good incidents during the campaign period. Let’s have a clean and good start. I open my heart and hands for reconciliation. Let’s move on and be effective partners. We can work much better in a healthy atmosphere. If everyone has harmonious working relationship, Lingawan tan na an politika. Magtarabang, magkasararo para sa satong banwa.

I then call on everyone for support, unity and cooperation. In that journey for progress and community building, we, citizens of San Andres, are the prime actors and implementers of plans and changes. I won’t ask from you to give what you can’t. But I sincerely request everyone, that in our crusade for success, we can spark that spirit of brotherhood, of cooperation, unity and commitments, to reach what we aim for. Our work and accomplishments in the next three years will be written in the pages of our history. We make history. Let it be written then, you did your part and proudly say “WE MADE IT”.

With respect and trust in everyone’s capacity for growth and prosperity, I am confident; we will travel the same path. Let’s join hands and make a difference. People who make difference are not only those with credentials but also those with concerns.

Our triumphs and success will not only ne mine. It will be yours, it will be ours.

With the Almighty’s guidance, with His abundant love and graces upon us, we can make it — a peaceful, happy and progressive San Andres. Join the march!

Mga tugang, magtarabang kita para sa future asin kauswagan nin banwang San Andres.

In closing, let me borrow the lines of Gov. Boboy Cua when he was Mayor of San Andres in 2001. “CALOLBON MAHALON LALONG PAUSWAGON.”

Sakong ipadadagos an sainyang mga plano para sa CALOLBON.

Thank you and God Bless!!

God Bless Calolbon!!




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Nag-umpisa ang byahe ng binigay na dyip ni Mayor Peter Cua noong Agosto 5, 2013 na nagbigay lalo ng pag-asa sa mga estudyanteng sakay nito.


The five to six-kilometer walk from home to school is one of the primary reasons of absenteeism and high dropout rates among elementary and high school students in San Andres. Fond of reiterating the true value of education, Mayor Boss Te reinforces his “Pasada-Eskwela Program” by adding another vehicle – a 40-seater shuttle bus – to cater a regular school ride for free. The said school bus dubbed “Bus ni Boss Te,” has just hit the road today, extending the program’s usual route to other far-flung barangays in the municipality.


 “The people of San Andres, together with the LGU, will continue on its thrust to protect marine life, especially “pawikans”; and make Calolbon a haven for a million-year old specie.”

– Mayor PETER “Boss ‘Te” CUA







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