Office of the Municipal Planning & Development Coordinator

Functional Statement:

  1. Facilitate in the participative formulation of the different development plans of the LGU;
  2. Establish linkages/coordination between other government offices, non-government organizations, and people’s organizations for collaborative planning and implementation of programs and projects;
  3. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of development programs and projects;
  4. Promote citizen’s participation through development planning at barangay level;
  5. Keep municipal data profile updated and provide easy access to the constituents and other concerned entities;
  6. Attend to trainings, seminars, workshops on local government operations, project identification and development, etc., in order to enhance LGU capability in adopting the different new development trends;
  7. Identify prospects, donors, and prepare project proposals for sourcing out of funds;
  8. Facilitate the preparation of all documents to be presented during Municipal Development Council meetings; and
  9. Perform other duties as may be directed by the Municipal Chief Executive from time to time in connection with the implementation of the different projects and programs in the municipality. 

Organizational Chart
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