The officials and employees of LGU San Andres humbly submit and offer this official document, our CITIZENS’ CHARTER, to the beloved people of San Andres, as well as to stakeholders, including beneficiaries, other government offices and agencies and the transacting public for their information and guidance.

♦ This Citizens’ Charter will provide information on:

1. Frontline Services offered and the recipient of such services
2. Step by step procedure to obtain a particular service
3. The officer or employee responsible for each step
4. The maximum time to conclude the process
5. Documents to be presented by the client, with clear indication of the relevancy of said document
6. The amount of fees, if necessary
7. Procedure for filling complaints in relation to requests and applications including the names and contract details of the officials/channel to approach for redress
8. Allowable period for extension due to unusual circumstances, i.e. unforeseen events beyond the control of concerned LGU department or office
9. Feedback mechanisms, contact numbers to call and/or persons to approach for recommendations, inquiries, suggestions, as well as complaints

How this Citizens’ Charter came to be

RA 9485 or the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 aims to promote transparency and accountability in government with regard to the manner of transacting with the public by requiring each agency to simplify frontline service procedures formulates service standards to observe in every transaction and make known these standards to the client.

To ensure effective implementation of this Act, the oversight committee promulgated the Implementing Rules and Regulations giving the responsibilities of each agency to:

1. Determine which process or transactions constitute frontline services.
2. Undertake re-engineering of transaction systems and procedures, including time and motion studies.
3. Set-up respective service standards to be know as Citizens’ Charter.

The Citizens’ Charter in brief

This publication is the latest tool by the LGU San Andres to empower its citizenry by promoting transparency and accountability in service delivery.

The guidebook describes the key frontline services of LGU San Andres, written in the simplest manner for the clientele to understand. Its strength lies in the way the services are presented: the step-by-step procedure of availing each service, the response time for its delivery, the personnel responsible for each service, including the amount of fees, if applicable.

This publication of our Citizens’ Charter is complemented by list of requirements a customer must comply to facilitate service delivery. There are checklists showing sketched locations of the department or office offering or handling the service.

Grievance Mechanisms

All LGU officers and employees must at all during office hours wear official identification card. A Public Assistance/Grievance Desk must be manned by the officer knowledgeable on the frontline services offered and must be available for consultation and advices. The desk shall be attended to all times even during office breaks. In this regard, the LGU shall adopt rotation system of personnel, sliding flexi-time, reliever system especially peak times of transaction, or providing skeletal personnel during lunch and snack time to adequately attend to all clients.

If and when clients disagree with the action of the officer or frontline service provider the requesting party may opt to file complaints against the office or the LGU through the grievance mechanisms indicated in this Citizens’ Charter.

These can be in the form of hotline numbers, short message service or other mechanisms by which clients can adequately express their complaints, suggestions or comments.

LGU San Andres assumes our valued clients, our citizenry, that officers and frontline service provider’s commits to deliver government service with professionalism, transparency and accountability.


List of Services: Treasury Services | Planning and Development Services | Engineering Services | Civil Registry Services | Real Property Assessment Services |  Integrated Health Services | Administrative Services | Legislative Services


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