Many years after Magellan discovered the Philippine natives living in the lowland facing the world famous beauteous Mt. Mayon bonded themselves together into a small community and the barrio of Yocti came into existence.

Yocti, a coastal barrio of the municipality of San Andres may be ranked as one of the most prosperous barrio of the said municipality. This is situated along a big swamp where fishes and crabs once abound, which until now is the source of income of the inhabitants. On its water side, a U – shape seashore were children at early dawn play and gathers different kind of sea urchins. Likewise, the long white beaches invite picnic goers and lovers for their leisure time.

The main occupation of the people is fishing and in their secondary occupation is farming.

The barrio got its name is a matter of conjectures. The name Yocti land itself easily to an interpretation of the U – shaped white beach where this promising barrio is located. Old folks called it in that name because they said it looked like “IYOK” meaning armpit of a man. This became the root word of the name of the present barrio “Yocti”.

Just a meter from the heart of the barrio lies over Yocti a Primary school wherein our children love to study. This school came into existence in the early part of 1970s under the initiative and leadership of Mr. Pedro Tabios and the late Armando Zafe who desires to build a small school building just to give education to their children and to the community as a whole. Construction was made thru bayanihan and voluntary contribution for the purchase of school site.

First education in this school was Mr. Gregorio Surban, others were Mr. Antonio Panti, Mr. Salvador Arcilla Sr., Mr. Angeles Suaviso, Mrs. Rosa Antimano, Miss Patria Abad, Mrs.Lourdes Romero, Mr. Willington Soneja, Mr. and Mrs. Jose Tablizo,Mr. Salvador Arcilla Jr., Miss Olympiada Arcilla and lately we have Mr. Pio Tapado Jr.


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