Barangay Wagdas is one of the barangay in the poblacion of San Andres, Catanduanes. It is located at the Eastern part of the town proper. It is just a stone – throw from the Municipal Building of San Andres. It is north by Barangay Belmonte, on the south by the seashore of the Maqueda Channel, on the east by the Carangag creek and on the west by barangay Esperanza, San Roque and Sta. Cruz.

A long time ago, the place known new as Barangay Wagdas was a wilderness called “bagasbas” a Bicol term for inland area being located along the shorelines. It was unpopulated and with a lone path leading to the old cemetery of calolbon.

Wagdas happened to be a settlement by accident and forces of necessity. Old folks still recounted the story that, sometimes in the year 1908, a conflagration struck the Barrio Santa Cruz, a densely populated community destroying almost all the houses.

Thereafter, some of the well – off residents of said barrio started rebuilding their houses while the rest were either preparing or just gathering their housing materials.

For the meantime, they were living in rocks and lenities for fear that similar disaster may happened again in the near future. In that time, the Alcalde issued sometimes in the year 1910 an order limiting the number of houses to be rebuilt in the area requiring others to rebuild their houses to a new location near the environs of Sta. Cruz and that “bagasbas” was one of the area selected for the purpose. Thus, a new clearing appeared in “bagasbas” and consequently a new settlement was made.

As it was told, the families of De Loyola, Suaiso,Camacho, Lumabi, Sontillano, Tanael, Sopranes and others over the first ones to settle in “bagasbas”. Ironically, However, the name “bagasbas” didn’t stick for so long as the settlement but instead the people began calling the new place as “iniwagdas” or “pigwagdas”, a bicol term referring to a method of extending clearing, a spread clearing or new clearing. As time goes by, the place became popularly known as “Wagdas”. The new name sticked in fact of the earliest streets in the community was name “wagdas” street to perpetuate the name.

Since then, may years have gone by, a yet Wagdas remain a part of barrio Sta. Cruz. The two were inseparable especially in religious activities. In fact, the barrio chapel of Sta. Cruz was constructed right in Wagdas. Another proof of their oneness is that both Barangays even to the present time are jointly holding the novena and celebrating their fiesta every 3rd day of May in honor of the Holy Cross.

Politically, however, a new climate had developed by the middle of 1960s that some residence clamored for the independence of Wagdas from the Sta. Cruz as a barrio. Then the big break comes early in the year 1969. On January 10, 1969 the municipal council of San Andres in its Resolution No. 1, s. 1969, recommended the separation of Wagdas from her mother barrio Sta. Cruz. And that by virtue of the Catanduanes Provincial Board Resolution No. 154 –A, s. 1969 dated June 16, 1969, barrio Wagdas was declared and thus its first set of appointed Barrio Officials headed by Barrio Captain Jesus Tagle.

The first election of the barrio officials of Wagdas was on January 1972 were Mr. Avelino Tavera was elected Barrio Captain. Those officials elected served on “status qou” basis until May 1982. Wherein a new set of Barangay Officials headed by Mr. Pedro Lumabi were elected.

On April 1989, another barangay election took place and another set of barangay officials were elected headed by Roger L. Facundo as Punong Barangay; Mariano A. Sorreda, Fe T. Gianan, Jose V. Romero, Rodita Borre, Maria Soliveres and Metodio S. De Loyola Jr. as Barangay Kagawad; Nicanor Ternida and Napoleon I. Arcilla Jr. as barangay secretary and barangay treasurer respectively. Maria Soliveres resigned and replaced by Nestor G. Arandia by virtue of a resolution and also by virtue, Napoleon I. Arcilla was replaced by Domingo V. Sopranes because of the resignation of the former.

On May 9, 1994, Barangay Election again, a new set of Barangay Officials were elected headed by Nicanor G. Ternida as Punong Barangay. Editha A. Samonte, Mariano A. Sorreda, Nestor G. Arandia, Metodio S. de Loyola Sr., Juan S. Lumabi, Carmelo R. Lumabi and Venacio Godwin V. Somido as Barangay Kagawad. The appointed Barangay Secretary and the Barangay Treasurer are Mrs. Miguela L. Loñosa and Miss Ave P. Soquerata. These set of Barangay Officials will serve until 1995, Barangay Election if there is any.


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