During the early days, there was a place at about 2 kilometers away from the poblacion comprising the ten families. The people living in this place were mostly engaged in farming. Few meters away from this place, there was a river that swells with shrimps. It was known for a wide that, people from the neighboring barrios went there to catch shrimps.

One day, some Spaniards happened to pass by and asked the inhabitants the name of the place. The people not knowing the Spanish language thought that they being asked what they are doing. Since the people were draining of the river in order to catch the whole shrimps, they answered “ga –timba” meaning draining off. From that time on, the place was called ”Timbaan”.

Timbaan is just a few kilometers away from the poblacion accessible by car and automobiles. Although Timbaan is quite far from the sea, yet many fish vendors comes to this place and trade with camote, corn and vegetables. Its main product is copra and abaca which is suited for home industry.

Most people are engaged in farming and stripping abaca as their daily means of livelihood.

With the ever increasing population, Timbaan is becoming a big barrio with a complete elementary school. As per records, the first teacher in charge of the school was Mr. Francisco Gianan. It was then followed by Mr. Eusebio Vidal, Mrs. Juana T. Magno, Mr. Juan Sicio, Mr. Rosalio Suaviso, Mr. Vinancio Violen, Mr. Roberto Reyes and Mr. Alfonso Piñera. Mr. Germiniano S. Antonio at present and Mrs. Cleofe T. Santelices is the head teacher.


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