Barangay Tibang is a small but beautiful place with its natural surroundings. To describe a few, there is the beautiful beach where excursionists frequently visit and with the water falls which is just a cigarette’s smoke from the barrio proper.

There are several versions this barangay had where it got its name. Here are some of them.

When the first inhabitants of this place settled or reached this place, they found so many dragon flies called “Tibabong” locally.

So they called the place “Tibabong”. A passer – by however, happened to inquire what is the name if the place was. He overheard the name “tibabong”. So he commented, “Tibabong? What a good name!”.

Another version was, when the early inhabitants built their house, they were in a hurry that they constructed them with defective measurements, or “tibang” in the dialect. The place was then called “TIBANG” which held up to this day.

Others, however, believed that Tibang got its name because of its location which is not level. You’ll note that in the map, this barrio is recorded as “Tibong” but the people love to called it Tibang.

In the later part of the 18th century, Eulalio Villegas and his wife, Simeona Gesmundo came and established their residence in this place. This couple came from Codon, the oldest barrio in the calolbon. Later, they were followed by some people from Mayngaway, Manambrag and some parts of the Bicol Region. Among them, was Felix delos Santos from Patrocinio, Camarines Sur and was married to Simeona Briones Celso Lucero and his wife Vicenta Fernandez and a certain Calixto Araojo, Felipe Vargas, Pelagio Briones and others.

These early inhabitants organized themselves to four their leaders. The leader was called cabo. Eulalio Villegas became their cabo leader. He held this position for a number of years when the leader was called “teniente del barrio”. Teniente Villegas was succeeded by Teniente Entong (Calixto Araojo).

In the early part of the 19th century, the organizers took turns in serving as “teniente del barrio” , 1901 – 1905 – Felix delos Santos; 1906 – 1908 – Celso Lucero; 1909 – 1912 – Felipe Vargas; 1913 – 1916 – Pelagio Briones.

A younger set however, succeeded in the later years. From 1917, Mr. Eugenio Borre took over as the Teniente del Barrio. He held this up to 1949. He was the teniente del barrio when the Japanese soldiers invaded our province. The following successions were Dionesio Vargas, 1950 – 1951; Alberto Clopino 1952 – 1953; Macario Robles, 1954 -1956; and Zosimo Borre,1957 – 1959.

In 1960, teniente del barrio was changed to capitan del barrio in 1917, it was then the time when Tibang became a barrio.

In the middle part of this term, the Tibang Primary School was organized and opened.

In 1935, the primary school was opened in this barrio. The pupils were from Hilawan, Barihay, Maputing Baybay and Tibang.

Under the incumbent Barangay captain Mr. Zosimo Borre have hadseveral improvements. There is the basketball Court and plaza with a small kiosk. Several additional homes were built. Unity among its inhabitants is something to reckon with.

Unluckily, however, this barangay suffered much from the strong wind and sea caused by typhoon Anding, thus destroying homes along the shore.


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