Sometimes immemorial, not evening dream would happen that this place will be as it is now. During these times, several families came here as pioneers for economic purposes. As days went on, people from different barangays migrated here and cleared kaingins where they planted different kinds of crops. Noted for its abundance in fertile farmland, the people grew in number till it became a sitio or village commonly known as “Malidong” a dialect here which means round, derived from ita waterfalls whose lagoon is round like a giant vat., or “Bagacay” a word which means “reeds” a tropical plant belonging to the bamboo family that abound here.

Sensing that their lives were secured and economically progressive, they remained to settle and live here permanently until this barangay got its official name as San Vicente in the year 1965.

This was named as such in honor of Governor Vicente m. Alberto who was then the provincial governor of Catanduanes and it was he who granted approval that this place be registered and officially named San Vicente.

To mention a few of the people who organized this barangay were families of Pedro Abad, Teodoro Dueña, Juan Soneja, (deceased) Nazarino Soneja, Angeles Pria, Roman Solmirano, Luis de los Santos (deceased) and Gavino Villanueva.

At present, these people are still among those who have acquired properties here and still encouraging the late comers to make this barangay more progressive, economically established and a peaceful place to live in.

Like some other places, this barangay has also its own pride featuring the panoramic “malidong falls”. As described before, this falls has a lagoon with a crystal – blue water of no less than three fathomed in depth. Seemingly to a giant vat filled with water pouring down its spout. This is very inviting to those nature loving people not only by its scenic view by also by the fascinating fragrance of the wild flowers that fill its surroundings.

One may reach this place on foot or animal ride in an hour journey more or less from the national road.

A junction trail or fender road going north just after crossing Alibuag Bridge going west will carry your way down here.

To those people who love exploring and picnicking, going to this place is not as hard or as easy as one thinks unless tries it. A distance of four kilometer more or less from the national road, a good hiker will be in San Vicente just crossing Alibuag River from at least fifteen times, well of course alternated valleys and deltas.

Furthermore, as regards to the financial needs of the inhabitants of this place, the primary source of income is by striping abaca to hemp since abaca plantation here dominate any other source of abaca fibers in San Andres as far as hemp quantity is concerned.

Henceforth, this is the birds’ eye – view of barangay San Vicente.


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