Some seven kilometers away from the town proper of San Andres is a small barrio which houses scattered on both sides of Virac – Calolbon road and on nearby hill sides. This barrio is San Jose. How San Jose got its name is vague to most of the inhabitants of the barrio. To the few remaining old folks, the origin of San Jose is still clear and fresh in their memories.

The name San Jose is not connected with any miraculous incident; neither does it mean that the inhabitants are extra pious and religious.

It was said that a couple Jose and Salvacion were the first settlers in this place. However, there were already traces of some people who have transferred there. So they called this place, “binariohan” which means transfer.

Later on, attracted by the fertility of the soil in this place, more groups of the families come to settle permanently. They soon organized religious groups and chose St. Joseph as their patron saint. This is in the honor of the first couple who happened that the name of the man is Jose.

Today, the people of San Jose are increasing steadfastly. A few streets have now been properly laid out on the same place where once stood isolated houses.


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