Barangay San Isidro is geographically located in the hinterlands, more or less three and one half kilometers from the national road.

The pioneer of this place was an old man in the name of Isabelo Lucero, his son Tito, his son- in – law Santiago Samonte.

These persons mentioned, have a farm just a stone trove from their present barrio proper. To learn their daily routine activities as farmer, they built their houses in the place, where their present houses today are constructed.

Because of the good location, water facilities, and the virgin forest which surrounds the place, which is good for farming, many people were attracted to cultivate the virgin forest and settled permanently in the place year after year the number of residents increased, including from the neighboring barangays especially Mayngaway.

The first barrio Lieutenant to be appointed as the late Calixto Vargas under the administration of the late Mayor Francisco Imperial, followed by Moises Lucero, Juan Capistrano, and the present Barangay Captain who obtained his position thru election by the residents of the place.

The distance of three and one half kilometers of the place to Mayngaway quiet dangerous for small children just only to seek admission in the school. With the proper presentation of the Barrio lieutenant with the school authorities’ concerned classes was organized by the late Mr. Cerefino Mendoza which was house in a private house owned by Isabelo Lucero, with a ten pesos monthly rental. After its formal organization, Mr. Juan Temajo, of Bato, Catanduanes was appointed the first teacher of the barrio followed by Mr. Napoleon Arcilla and many others.

Through the strong leadership of the Barrio Lieutenant Calixto Vargas and Isabelo Lucero, the barrio constructed a small chapel for they planned to have a barrio fiesta. By means of community work, locally known as “ATAG” the small chapel was finished, that was in the month of May.

Mr. Justo Borre, a resident of Mayngaway, San Andres donated to the people of the barrio place, a saint named San Isidro, with the proper representation of the liberated and officiated by the most Reverend father Demetrio Valeza, on May 15, 1952.

Friends, relatives and devotees from the neighboring barrios come to meet and enjoyed the first barrio fiesta.
In order to give honor to the patron saint, the barrio people named their barrio “SAN ISIDRO”.


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