Rizal is a barrio located 11 kilometers from Virac. This was called “Binargohan” by old residents.

There were twenty families existing where children have not learned to go to school. On one occasion, a group of parents agreed to open a school in the barrio. The initiators of this move were Doroteo Socito and Demetrio Arcilla who wrote a letter to this effect to the Division Superintendent which was then in Albay for approval.

The superintendent of Albay did not waste time in approving the resolution to open a school in this barrio.

The enthusiasm of the people in constructing a school building did not met any negative attitudes from the inhabitants, but because there were only few working, they invited the parents of the neighboring barrio, which is now San Jose, to help them construct a school building. They were too, willing to cooperate as they have good intentions to send their children to school in Rizal.

So that both barrios will get reward of their labor the people named it Jose Rizal Elementary School after the barrios of San Jose and Rizal.

Education then was in great demand, Mr. Melanio Francisco, the supervising teacher at the time appointed Trinidad Arcilla Manlañgit, anative of San Pedro, Virac to pioneer the newly opened school. Upon reporting to her new station she requested Lieutenant Eulogio Tenerife to publicly announce the opening of the school in the barrio.

To her surprise, the enrollment rose to sixty – two pupils, all in grade I and the class opened September 27, 1947. Because of the big enrollment, emergency classes were conducted. One set in the morning and the other I the afternoon. They first rented the house of Pedro Valenzuela for the meantime that the PTA Building was not yet finished.

The following year, two solid classes were opened from Grade I and ii whose teachers were the late Alberto Aguilar from Lictin and Constancia Arcilla from Virac.

For the succeeding years, 1961 – 1965 brought a massive increase in enrollment thus Mr.Rosario Suaviso and even vigilant head of school took the courage of organizing a complete elementary chool despite the odds and constraints brought about by the lack of school supplies. The teachers that time were, Purification U. Rodulfo, Felicitas Panti, Celeste Sarmiento, Encarnacion Tapar, Miguela Vargas, Carmelo Abundo, Julieta Araojo, Angeles Camacho, Apolonio Tabuzo, Pedro Bernal, Francisco Benavidez, Naty Toledo, Rosa Samar, Zuelo Tioxon, Juana T. Aldea, and Nelly Sarmiento.

In 1968 – 1969 a Marcos type building was assigned as Head of the School with the following teachers: Euprecina Secio, Lina Samar, Ricardo Ubalde, Teresita R. Landig, Socorro Tacorda, Asuncion Masagca, Heidi dela Cruz, Antonia Bailon, Nelly A. Luchavez, Almario Arcilla, Rebecca Aquino and Leonor Manlañgit.

In 1968 – 1969, Mr. Ricardo Ubalde was temporarily assigned as teacher in – charge of the school. In 1969 – 1970, Jose Tablizo replaced him followed by Mr. Gregorio Surban in province and destroyed the Marcos type building in Rizal without exception. Because of the lack of classroom, emergency classes were resorted to.

In 1972 – 1973 Mr. Amado Soliveres took over the place of Mr. Gregorio Surban. An RP – US Bayanihan was constructed. The same set up of teachers was with Miss Socorro Tacorda who replaced Mr. Amado Soliveres who was transferred to the Land Reform Office took the stewardship of the school.

From 1974 to the present, Jose Rizal Elementary School was made have Mrs. Francisca Vergara as the principal. With her, are strong and ever – serving teachers: Cecilia Valeza, Miss Marina Dela Cruz, Ricardo Ubalde, Miss Asuncion Masagca, Mrs. Elsie Tejerrero, Mrs. Asuncion Almodorar, Miss Socorro Tacorda, Miss Elizabeth Santelices, Felimon Cambonga, Mrs. Hediliza Ramos, Mrs. Lourdes Isidro, and Mr. Domingo Torcelino as janitor.

With the cooperation and diligence of these teachers the school had played an important part in the advancement and progress of the community as envisioned by the New Society.


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