One of the oldest barrios of San Andres, Catanduanes is Palawig. This barrio is located at the eastern coast of the town of San Andres. At present, it is composed of about 2000 inhabitants who are mostly fishermen and farmers. Farming and fishing are the chief industry of the people. It is connected by road to Virac, the capital town of the province. Residents of the barrio prefer to buy their household needs at Virac instead of San Andres because of the easy means of transportation to the capital. Every day, residents of this place sell their products to Virac and in return buy their household needs.

This barrio is prosperous and boasts of the tourist spots which are still undeveloped especially its beautiful beaches which are even better than the beach in the Calayocay Albay. One day when the barrio was inhabited by only a few inhabitants. A certain white stranger came to the place alone. While walking alone the shore going to the barrio proper he asked for the path leading to the poblacion of San Andres. The natives whom he met pointed to the direction of the west and the stranger said “lawig” which means far or long. The stranger was a Spaniard who was stranded in the barrio. From that time up to the present the people called the place Palawig.

Long before the coming of the Japanese force in the year 1941, there existed already a school in the Palawig. Palawig is a coastal and progressive barrio in San Andres. There were only three teachers including the school head. There were four classes organized and it was from grades I to II with one teacher holding combined classes. When the school is opened, pupils from the nearby barrio of Palta enrolled in Palawig.

The former school site was located inside the barrio proper near the barrio chapel. The former school site which was too small was transferred to the present school site which was formerly owned by the Coronejo family. The present school site is almost 2.5 and it is one of the biggest school sites in the district except with that of the San Andres Central Elementary School.


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