Manambrag is one of the biggest barrios of San Andres. It is located on a perfect plain near the western coast of this municipality. The barrio has an approximate area of 60,000 sq. m., with a population of almost 2,184 people.

The site of the barrio faces squarely the western horizon. The sunset in manambrag bay is a panoramic view to everyone. Many people wait on the shore during late afternoon to watch the sitting sun.

Long ago, the barrio site was covered with thick bushes and inhabitant place, until after the Solmirano family who came from fertile plains and hills best suited to agriculture. Because of the ideal location of the site, many were encouraged to settle here permanently until it developed into a sitio then into a barrio.

According to the story of the old folks, in the barrio Manambrag, got its name accidentally. It was during the later part of the Spanish regime in our country that the Filipinos were determined to fight against the Spaniards in order to be free from foreign domination. The Filipino forefathers were also lovers of freedom so that the initiative of brave and strong leaders organized themselves into a home defense unit, to the so called insurrections to defend the inhabitants from the surprise attacks of the Spanish soldiers. The inhabitants were divided into groups and each group was scheduled to guard the place from the sudden attack of their enemies. A guard house was placed on the top of Manambrag Point so that the defense base could easily see the war vessels of the Spaniards which might be sailing towards the barrio and the people were warned by the ringing church bell. The guards watched for their enemies for the whole night.

One dark night, a platoon of Spanish soldiers was able to have a secret landing on the shore under the cover of darkness. One of the defense men was caught unaware and was punished severely. He was also investigated. In the course of the investigation, the rebel was asked, “how long do the rebels stay in the guard house?”. The Spaniard could not pronounce the word “magdamlag” correctly. Instead, he shouted, “Manambrag?! Manambrag! Manambrag!”.

Since that time, the settlement was called Manambrag which was derived from the word “magdamlag” – meaning, whole night.


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