The Spanish conquistadors continued to explore the land to discover and to subdue the invaders. The people of the municipality group themselves and settled around the small plateau overlooking the Maqueda Channel. They feared not only the Spaniards but also the invaders. A guard was assigned to keep watch of any approaching enemy. Every time the enemy’s vessels were spotted in the channel a big bell was rung to alert the people. The people then run for their safety in a cave or down in the deep woodlands. The practice lasted for long and the invaders always found the place empty. The people had evacuated.

As a result, a small barrio was developed near the back of the river not far from the plateau where the people had evacuated. In this small barrio was a trail where the people had to wade to reach the other side and they had to jump over the creek if they don’t like to get it.

One time the Spaniards came not to subdue but to discover the land. The people escaped and the Spaniards found the place empty. They followed the trail until they reached the river, and found a frightened old lame man who could not understand Spanish language. On motion of the Spaniards asked the old man what is the name of the place. The old man thought that he was asked a hove they could cross the river , the old man answered in a frightened voice, “ma – ektin” meaning they had to jump. The Spaniards recorded the word “ektin” as the name of the place and from the time the place was called “EKTIN”. Years go by and the small barrio was developed where on the hilltop there was a cave where many people died.

And later on, the name EKTIN was changed to LICTIN and now can able to withstand on its difficulties. And at the foot of the mountain lies the source of water that supplies the town. The cave that is located a Luyang will soon be developed as a tourist spot where all can enjoy the freshness of the breeze.


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