Datag is a 105 – family barangay located about three kilometers from the town proper. It has only a few families when it was still a sitio of Agojo. It was only in the year 1961 that the sitio of Datag became an independent barangay.

This barangay was named after the word “Datagon”. According to the old folks, a group of men used to go hunting on Saturdays. During that time, numerous wild pigs wandered aong the densely forested area especially near the falls where they used to wallow, when the day went scorching hot. So they just went to the falls and trapped the wild pigs. On their way to the falls, one would ask what kind of wild pig they would hunt. And the group would answer, “Those that are Datagon”, meaning those that are fat. The word became familiar to the folks and since then, the place was named Datag.

Datag was organized to be an independent barangay by a Municipal Ordinance in the year 1961. This was made possible by few dedicated persons who had worked much in the organization of the barangay. They were: Feleciano Sollegue, Cayo Ponce, Valeriano Santelices, Roque Manlañgit, Paciano Aldave, Macario Antonio, Donato de la Cruz and Jose Aldave. These persons joined hands in the realization of a goal and came at time that they have had their own chapel, ordinances and adequate member of the families.

Situated Northwest of Datag is the well – known Datag Falls wherein people from far and nearby places go for swimming anytime of the year especially when summer.

We can say that occupation – wise, Datag is favorable to live in. it is only about three kilometers from the town. Less than a kilometer to south is the sea that favors the fishermen. It has adequate area of lowlands suitable for rice fields and other crops. It is just at the foot of the mountains, very near for hunting and farming. Moreover, it is bounded east and west by a river. This provides the barrio folks a convenient place for washing their clothes, fishing and for taking a bath. It also provides materials for building construction.

In the west south west of Datag is a swamp. This offers occupation opportunities for makers of nipa shingles, fishermen, and fuel/fishpond concessioners.

Still in the North of Datag is a big Spring. This spring is well – developed, would supply the residents of Datag Sufficient supply of fresh potable water. At present, water pipes connected from the spring reservoir went through some of the houses. However, the flow of water is so scanty due to the misuse of water by the consumers, malfunctioning of the faucet, and poor maintenance of the spring reservoir.