One of the prettiest barangay of San Andres that lies along the coast line is Comagaycay. The people is still evident of that ancient wholesome traits of our forefathers that of being hospitable, kind and helpful to everyone. Proofs to this fine and lovely traits of her people are they have so many awards gathered in competition being launched by the Government in line with the cleanliness and beautification so with food production.

This barrio has a very interesting origin to be look back. During the early Spanish time when the natives could hardly speak and understand the Spanish language a funny incident happened. One sunny day, a boat of Spaniards anchored on the shore. These groups of Spaniards were attracted of its white beach that they had to pause for several minutes to admire its beauty. On that particular day, a group of children were on the shore spending their time digging the sand wherein a specific kind of crab that lives in the shore are called “bocoy”. These children were preoccupied of what they were doing that they never knew that foreigners landed on the shores. They approached the children and tapped the back of one of them and asked what the name of the place is. Without thinking of what was asked he answered “Comagaycay”. The stranger nodded in the approval and repeated the word “comagaycay” not knowing that the child’s answer was wrong. From now on, this barrio was called such name until this time the natives themselves changed it to “Comagaycay”.

Before the year 1912, Comagaycay was a part of Carañgag with only ten (10) houses and a total population of thirty – four. It could be very difficult for them to petition the municipal council to make such sitio be set free from her mother barrio. In January 1912, a certain Candido Joven assembled the inhabitants of the place to a meeting. The purpose of which was to decide and conduct the people of their plan to make such place an independent barrio. The opinion of the people was unanimous. They declared that they be given chance to live as an independent barrio. On that very date, a resolution was made and signed by all inhabitants petitioning the municipal approved its petition. Thus, Comagaycay begins to exist as full time barrio. The first Teniente del barrio that served this place was the late Candido Joven. After serving for ten years, his family moved to poblacion, so the late Juan Ranues Sr. succeeded him. It was in the mid – part of 1920 that is inhabitants rapidly increased.

Now Comagaycay is vastly becoming a progressive barangay. Through the efficient leadership of Barangay Head Pedro Tabiosas it is hoped that he will be attaining more program of honor for his people. Comagaycay covers a total area of forty – five hectares occupied by its inhabitants. It has a total population of 751 in 137 households.