In a cozy cove on the western coast of Catanduanes immediately fronting the Caravan promontory opposite the Maqueda Channel lays the fishing barrio of Codon. Because of its proximity to the main land it had been acclaimed by historians to be the first place in the province to be organized as a barrio. The inhabitants were mostly fishermen from the coastal barrios of what once called Ambos, Camarines. The increase of more inhabitants had been due to the lure of its virginity of the land, its safe anchorage and protective moorings that that gave shelter to both fishermen and sailors caught by gusty winds in the channel. They found the place safe with promising soils that will gave them abundant harvests so they decided to live in the place permanently. Year in and year out the families by birth or by immigrants, increased and the community grow.

Almost a century after the discovery of the Philippines, the Spanish conquistadors in their constant rounds of the Bicol Region stumbled upon this cave and found the people living peacefully. The Spaniards were surprised to find almost all the people wearing a wide rimmed but commonly called “Condong” which were made from the nipa palm. As the Spaniards were known to call place by its peculiarities, the place was then referred to as Condong. Its present name came from years of variation of the word Condong.

Sometimes in the 16th century,the place was organized and registered as a barrio of Ambos Camarines with a certain Francisco Surban as headman. As years go by, when places has been sub – divided as regions to provinces, to municipalities and municipalities to barrios, this particular places has been officially named and registered as one of the barrios of the municipality of San Andres, Catanduanes as CODON, coming from its original word “Condong”.

The only scenic spot in the barangay which could be a tourist attraction if properly developed is the Sialat Light Station and beach. After a long beach courses, one can go up the tower and enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful and peaceful island of Catanduanes as well as the neighboring islands of Camarines Sur and Albay, while just sitting on the stair of the tower.

There, you will enjoy the beauty of nature manifested by the rustling of the winds, the swaying of the branches of ipil – ipil trees, the sweet songs of the birds and the sea breeze brought by the quiet and productive sea of the Sialat Point.