Long ago, in the town proper of Calolbon, there lived a brother and sister who were Necomedes and Raymunda Superal.

These siblings liked farming very much. They took delight in raising all sorts of plants. So they planned to look for a place in which they could do the kind of work they loved.

One day, they walked and walked until they felt exhausted. They sat down for a while beside a thick shrub to rest. While resting, Necodemes muttered, “This is the right place we are looking for.” After a while, they start working, pulling the weeds, clearing, cultivating and preparing the seeds for planting. Every afternoon, they went home and come back every morning. They planted variety of root vegetables and root crops. The soil was very fertile and the plants grew very well. Harvest time is fast approaching when the wild animals noticed the sufficient food crops. All were eaten by the wild pig so they were very disappointed.

Because they loved farming very much, they never forgot the place they cultivated. After a year, they came back. To their surprised, there were tall and slender fruit bearing plants that grew. They tasted the fruit and it was very delicious. Necomedes was charmed by the sweetness of the “Tagbac” fruit so he decided to stay and make a nipa hut in order to take good care of the palnts and other food crops.

Years passed, Raymunda grew into a lovely maiden. A brave man from the poblacion fell in love with her. He was Francisco Toledo known as “Laoag” during his time. Francisco was not only brave, but also intelligent. And with the consent of their parents, they were happily married. The couple was very pious. Francisco said to his wife that they need a blessed image to which they will be devoted to, so Francisco bid goodbye to his wife and look for their Patron Saint.

Several families from the town moved to this place and built their houses. They were the families of Juan Paden, Hegino Zuniega, Juan Manoguid, and Sebastian Satairapan. These four men agreed to organize a barangay. This was the time when the place was named “Catagbacan”.

Respectively, these men became the Cabeza de Barangay. Juan Paden, being the eldest among the three, became the first Cabeza, followed by Hegino Zuniega and lastly, Juan Manoguid. Being religious men, they built barangay chapel. Timely, Francisco arrived from a long journey carrying an image of St. Francis of Asisi (San Francisco de Asis). The old man who built the chapel agreed that San Francisco de Asis will be enthroned at the chapel where he now stands resplendent on the main altar.

Teofilo Subion was the first president of Catagbacan Youth Organization. With only twenty members, they called themselves “The Symphony”. The members of “the Symphony” worked hand on hand with the elders for the community’s welfare. They held great feast during fiesta and Santacruzan. The youth of today are still following the traditional way for the improvements of the community.

The other Barangay of the town of SanAndres which are rich in panoramic views, Catagbacan have some lovely scenic spots too. To the tourists or nature lovers, Catagbacan has the following beautiful spots and interesting places to offer.

Tagbacan has been the source of livelihood for some of the inhabitants of the barrio. This has a rich fishing grounds. Members of the fishermen association organized an oyster culture or Talaba Project with the help of the employees from the Bureau of Fisheries. This project also thrives but because TAGBACAN BAY served as a harbor ship, launch motorboats during typhoon, the mussel project was destroyed.

Some people in our place know good ways of making line along CATAGBACAN NIPA SWAMPS that turns it to a fishpond now.

PAGHIRILASAN BEACH is the favorite week – end spot for excursionists. They enjoyed boat racing and others enjoyed swimming. To reach the place, one has to walk or pass the fishpond and it is about a kilometer away from the barrio. This is the place where fishermen divide their catch after fishing.

Like a hundred one ladder going to the Grotto of Lourdes in Baguio, Catagbacan has its own – a ladder going to the nursery of the Bureau of Forestry.

You will see a new zigzag road going to the prospective marble mining company. Near this prospected place is a very huge stone with green Cabuyoan which is different from buyo in some other places in the Catanduanes.

Catagbacan is surrounded with five SPRINGS. The biggest spring is like a deep and wide basen of crystal clear and cool water ideal for drinking purposes. Surrounding each basin are natural rocks and stone formation like beaches. According to the elders, this rock was the mansion of the fairies.

Catagbacan has two Luyang Caves. The small virgin cave is more beautiful than the other one which was known to be bigger than the church. The stalactite formations were like candles and sparkles like gold.

Catagbacan is really a wonderful place and is rich in natural resources.