Long time ago, there lived two fishermen from Codon. They were very close friends. They both had a wife and several children. The two families earned their living by fishing. They have no camote nor cassava plantation wherein to get their food aside from fishing.

One morning, the two fishermen went fishing. Each of them had a boat. The weather during that time was calm. Their wives and children were left at home hoping that their father would have plenty of catch. When the two friends were already at the middle of the sea, there was a sudden change of weather. The rain and wind were very strong that they couldn’t go to the direction they wanted to go. They did not know what to do because of the roughness of the sea. Unfortunately, they separated their ways. After three days, they found each other in a place where nobody lives except grasses and trees.

One day, the two fishermen cleaned a portion of the lot that place. As they cut the trees, one of them said,” Oh, mostly of the trees here are ‘cabungahan’.” “Really, mostly are ‘cabungahan’.” replied the other one. After they finished cleaning the lot, they planted camote, cassava and banana and built a hut for them to stay in. after several days, both of them went home to convince their wives and children to live with them in such place where the two friends met. The hopeless wives immediately accepted the offer just to please the surviving husbands. The children too were very happy to reach that place. The following day, they proceeded to go the place where in the name of the place was unknown to them.

From that time, both families lived there happily until some other families choose to settle in that place which became a barangay and named it ”Cabungahan”.

This is how Cabungahan got its name and later, was founded and organized in the year 1959.