In the year 1898, Americans were roaming around looking for young coconuts because they were thirsty. They happened to reach this place. The Americans passed through the seashore until they reached the swamp. In the swamp there was a young lad cutting nipa leaves.

“What will you do with that grass?” asked the Americans.

The young lady answered, “It’s not a grass but nipa palms which are made into nipa Shingle.”

Again the Americans asked the young lady the name of the place. The young lady answered that the place is “Bisligan”.

“Oh! What a beautiful name this place has.” And because the Americans wanted to be acquainted with the name of the place, they repeated uttering the word “Bisligan” correctly. Those who could not pronounce the name properly would repeat it many times.

Whenever these Americans meet another American they would say, “We have been from ‘Bisligan’- correctly. And it was being repeated all over and over again. So from that time on, people heard the Americans say Bislig and no longer Bisligan.