Geographically, Barangay Barihay is one of the 38 barangays of San Andres formerly known as Calolbon. It is located 21 kilometers from said town or 41 kilometers from the capital town of Virac. From North to south, Barihay is the next to Barangay Tibang or next to barangay Hilawan from South to North.

This barangay got its name during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines. According to the natives, there were Japanese guerillas passing the seashore of this place and met an old man. The guerillas asked the old man “where do you live?”. The old man answered “there” pointing the mountain in the sea side. The guerillas said “oh, it’s very high”. The old man concluded that the name of the place where he live is “very high”. Later on the words very high were written in a vernacular way as “BARIHAY”.

There was only one couple residing in the place during that time. Reymundo Tongo and his wife Juana Olarve who had a Terrence title of this place. In 1947, after the strongest typhoon “ogis” many residents in nearby Barangay evacuated to Barihay because many houses were destroyed by flood due to the strong typhoon. there were only four houses left in Hilawan. From that time, Hilawan became a sub Barangay of Barihay for 5 years.

In 1950s half of the barrio site, the low land was acquired by an influential family Pedro Piñera, a Spaniard who got four Filipina women at the same time as his live in partner. The other half of the site, the upland was also acquired by Rubio family, another haciendero at that time. People residing in both places became the slaves of their land lord. The result, the resident were divided into 2 portion until the time that the land lord in the up land (Rubio) and the lowland (Piñera), became enemy to each other. Those who will not conforms with the policy of their land lord especially on the political aspect will be force to vacate the place or to let them pay a monthly rental for the price of land they are occupying., the conflict of this 2 land lord became worse up to the point that each of them had set a date for them to celebrate their own fiesta. Hence, the there were two fiesta celebration that was celebrated during that time – May 5 for the lowland and July 2 for the upland. It was only when the two land lord died when the people in the barangay agreed to celebrate the fiesta every 12th day of May.

Because of the typhoon that hit the province, almost every year, sometimes twice a year, many residents migrate to Pollilio, Quezon.

The main source of income in this place is from abaca and copra and a little from fishing.

One thing that can be proud of the Barihayenos is the crown got by Manuel Piñera or Manny Israel as his ring name, when he got the title as weight champion in boxing.

The place is now being supplied by the electric service, a big help to the people in increasing their income.