Long time ago, this place was Purok 6 of Codon and was not yet separated as an independent barrio because of the number of residents is too little. Even it was a part of Codon this place was called already Asgad. The residents from this place used this name because of the spring from the east part of this place was salty like the water from the sea. The people were too surprised of the salty taste of the water from spring yet it was too far from the sea. So this is how the place named “ASGAD”.

Though the barangay’s name was revised, residents still used the familiar name Asgad.
In the year 1976 there was already a P.T.A. school building and there were two classes organized. The people from this place wanted to be separated from Codon and made this an independent barrio because they hoped that this place can produce some institutions like church and school organizations as the residence number increases. The independency of this barrio was enjoyed through a petition and named this barangay as Juan M. Alberto in honor of the late Governor Juan M. Alberto.

The residents of this barangay were the one who’s responsible for the organization and development of this place.
In this place, there were two long rivers which are Pulot River and Capilao River. Capilao river is narrow than Pulot river. Many people from Codon visited these rivers just to wash their clothes and to take a bath. The water from these rivers is clean and clear especially when it was newly flooded.