During the Spanish Regime, this place was full of trees and tall grasses and few inhabitants living. This place is situated near the sea and a river run adjacent to the barrio.

One day, Spanish soldiers were searching for Deogracias Belmonte for the reason that he had an interest to captain Gorio’s daughter. The daughter was so beautiful and captures the heart of every man. The Spaniards have the same intension to the lady and naturally, they don’t want to have rivals, and this interest will succeed. At that time, Belmonte escaped but unfortunately trapped near the river by the soldiers. He was ordered to dig a hole as preparation for his grave. He obeyed without complain.

On the other hand, the lady heard about the incident and hurriedly asked the inhabitants for the place of the whereabouts of Belmonte. She found out that the soldiers are ready to shot the victim. Upon reaching the place, heavy rain fell and Belmonte asked a minute prayer to “La Purisima Conception “as patron saint of Alibuag. The name came from “ARI” means land owned by Ariston and “BUAG” means open. Old folks caused the barrio Aribuag, later on the name of the barrio was changed to ALIBUAG.

Formerly, school children of Alibuag used to enroll in Comagaycay Elementary School approximately half kilometers from Alibuag. With the rapid growth of population considering the necessity of a primary education, they seek help to the authorities concerned to open a school and that was the birth of the Alibuag Elementary School.

Today, Alibuag Primary School has three teachers with an enrollment of nearing one hundred pupils. Two buildings stood in a one hectare area located in the heart of barrio. Its school site is greenish of different kinds of vegetables and root crops.