Until its creation as a barrio in 1917, Agojo was often referred to as merely a sitio of the town San Andres. This small progressive barrio is situated west of the poblacion of San Andres. It is around three kilometers from the highway and can be reached either by cars or tricycles.

Agojo was formerly a vast thick forest abounding with Agojo trees. In this vast jungle resides three to four families only, although there were other families scattered in the nearly areas.

During the Spanish regime, a certain Spaniards, a conquistador, happened to pass near the place. He was very much attracted to the place that he dropped and inquired among the natives asking the name of the place. The natives being very ignorant, answered “Agojo”, thinking the Spaniards was asking for the names of the trees that abounds in the area. So from that time on, the place was named AGOJO.

This small fishing barrio is proud of its three big fishponds, and because of it, it is noted for the crabs and bangus.
Agriculture and fishing is the main source of livelihood of the people in this barrio. It can also boast its school which was considered one of the most beautiful in the district.

Presently, Agojo is a fast progressing community with more than nine hundred people. The incumbent Barangay Captain, Mr. Pedro Gianan is doing his best to make Agojo economically sufficient.