Population and Population Growth

Based from CY 2007 and 2010, NSO Population Count, San Andres had a population of 33,780 and 35,779 respectively, or a growth rate of 1.02%. Hence a population projection of 37,122 in CY 2012, 18,788 male, and 18334 female. Labor Force, 12,379 (6,313 Male and 6,066 female).


• Number of Household

Based from the household survey conducted in August-September , 2009, using the Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) a tool formulated in partnership with DILG, National Statistics Coordinating Board (NSCB)  and Poverty Economic Policy (PEP) funded by AECID of Spanish Government, the total household in San Andres was  7,126. Definition of household under the CBMS is by way of food preparation, and not by number of household or housing unit.


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