Town Fiesta Committee holds Binibining San Andres Pageant Screening

    19 Lovely Young Ladies came to the Pageant Screening held at Barangay Agojo, to take their chances in being one of the selected Official Candidates of the Search for Binibining San Andres 2014. Only 15 among them were presented with this opportunity. We bring you in this album these 19 ladies as they […]

DILG Announcement: Notice of Municipal CSO Assembly

    ATTENTION TO: All President or Authorized Representatives of duly organized People Organizations (POs ), Non-Government Organizati ons (NGOs), Basic Sector Organizations (BSOs), Private Sector Organizations (PSOs), Indigenous Peoples Organizations (IPOs) and Other Organized Sectors/Groups in the Municipality of San Andres Province Of Catanduanes, are invited to theMunicipal CSO Assembly DATE: October 28,2014 VENUE:  Amenia Beach Resort, […]

2014 Basketball Tournament Opens

In line with the yearly San Andres Town Fiesta activities, today marks the opening of the Basketball Tournament titled as the “1ST Mayor Boss ‘Te Cua Open BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT”.   Read more details and view PHOTOS FROM THE PARADE & CEREMONY at PLAZA BONIFACIO  

Website Maintenance Update

  ADVISORY: 12 to 18-hour Website Maintenance Update We will be undergoing a maintenance update ONLY on two of our webpages namely, “The MAYOR’s CORNER” and “Calolbon Tourism Page”… Direct links to these pages will lead to you to an advisory or redirect you to the Homepage which will be observed on Friday, September 26, […]


Luyang Cave Park | San Andres, Catanduanes


The Historical LUYANG Cave


In the 18th century, a village called Binanwahan existed in the northeastern part of the present and now Barangay Lictin. Inhabitants and settlers of the village were Christians . . .

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Our Lady of Sorrows



The Miraculous IMAGE

 They started to smell a rare sweet odor, the fragrance of it does not resemble nor equal to the sweetest scent of blooming flowers in the morning. They later discovered that sweet odor was emanating from the trunk where the image was kept . . .

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Moving HERE to Our NEW & PERMANENT Website

      In accordance to ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER No. 39, S. 2013 (AO-39) issued by the MALACAÑAN PALACE, encouraging all Local Government Units (LGUs) to establish a Government Website, the Local Government Unit of the MUNICIPALITY of SAN ANDRES scheduled to launch this website last OCTOBER 8, 2013 which also marks the 100th day in the service of the current Administration and in preparation for San Andres Town Fiesta held last November 30.

        This website handledy San Andres Website Development Team under the banner of LGU-San Andres, operates not only for the speedy enforcement of rules and delivery of accessible public services to the people, promised and dedicated to develop a website which will give a concrete description of our very own town and its people, focused to publish and deliver efficient public service by extending transparency on informative and important matters, and will also concentrate on different areas such as the Municipality’s tourism, culture, religion, affairs, festivals, food and delicacies, environment, the native life, community and its people, as well as the current Administrations’ implementation of programs, projects and activities.

  Furthermore, this website as approved and certified by Department of Science and Technology – Information and Communications Technology Office (DOST-ICTO) for LGU-San Andres to handle will be the PERMANENT OFFICIAL WEBSITE of The MUNICIPALITY of SAN ANDRES, from which all contents are kept published as the designated URL,, will be passed on from administration to administration – bound to represent the Municipality of San Andres on its Global Online Community.

 Dagos Tabi Kamo sa Samuyang Banwa!  

Mabalos po!

 - The Website Administrator

*We will transfer all contents from the old website as soon as humanly as possible.